Corporate Article/Biography

This featured LinkedIn article, Briel L. Delmonaco: The Uniquely Chic Vintage Story, highlights the progress of one small local business and the young female entrepreneur behind the company’s success.

As a long time employee of Uniquely Chic Vintage, I have firsthand experience with its growth over the last decade in the custom furniture and event rental industry. As the staff writer for the company, I took the opportunity to publish an article featuring the owner, Briel, and her advice to other startups and beginners in business.

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The Most Important Thing

This non-fiction literacy narrative is from the first year of my college writing career. “The Most Important Thing” recounts the beginnings of my journey appreciating and advocating for reading, writing, and learning. It is one of my oldest works and involves some of my oldest memories of the written word. The scene described and relived through this piece set in motion my lifelong progress as a writer.

I later re-adapted this piece into a Prologue of a memoir for an Honors Creative Writing collection based on the role of reading and writing in my childhood and young adult life. The larger work, titled The Most Important Thing: Life Lessons with the Written Word, is still in progress.

The Most Important Thing” is published in the May 2016 issue of Ether(Bound) Magazine at the University of Rhode Island.


Go Abroad Interview

After I returned from studying abroad in Austria I was eager to spread the word about what a positive and exciting educational and cultural experience it was. I completed reviews on several sites dedicated to helping students choose programs and destinations, and one site,, encourages study abroad alumni to apply for and complete an interview on behalf of their program provider and location.

I was chosen by the editors, and after months of communication, my interview is now published online for all to see on the Go Abroad website, where it is supplemented with my photographs of Salzburg. It is one of only a handful of interviews representing my program provider, AIFS, in their database. Applying for and participating in this interview was an excellent way for me to break into the field of study abroad outreach and advocacy and use my experiences to inspire others.


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