Package Design

To document a European river cruise, I was asked to compile and organize thousands of photographs and hours of video footage into manageable, watchable, and user-friendly DVDs. Despite this project being on a smaller scale and developed for a smaller audience, I wanted the packaging to carry professional and polished looks.

For the cover design, I chose a favorite image from the trip and selected a color scheme around hues depicted in the landscape of the photo. On the back, each DVD jacket provides information as to which parts of the trip are on which disc. On the inside, the DVDs are labeled with opaque photos echoing the image on the cover. The complete and total look is clean and sophisticated, reminiscent of the cruise and older clientele.

Branding/Custom Printing

This freelance project for J. Benjamin Landscape & Design came in two phases. First, the client expressed interest in redesigning and simplifying their current business card while also giving their logo a bit more “flair.”

Using Adobe Illustrator, I imported the original graphic and vectorized it before sharpening the colors and manipulating the shape of the Maple leaf. The owner and I then selected the essential textual elements, eliminating unnecessary information from the card. The typography, texture, and layout was created using Adobe Photoshop before being sent to a third party for printing.

The second phase of the project involved the custom UV printing of gift cards on PVC plastic to distribute among select clientele as a thank you from the company.

The client requested cohesion between the business and gift cards, so the logo, header, background, and contact information retain their characteristics. A box is left on the card for dollar amounts to be written in.

The result is a durable product built to sustain wear and tear.

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