Punctuation/Editing Guide

This handout addresses an issue of concern frequently challenging students and writers: joining two independent clauses with colons, commas, and semicolons.

The rules of grammar are synthesized into user friendly and concise points with a simple chart to narrow options when determining punctuation for compound sentence construction. The incorporation of famous and familiar quotes throughout the text provides opportunities to recognize compound sentences in action and audibly.

The guide is designed for cost-effective reproduction in either black and white or color. The cool palette is sparing and unobtrusive, yet functional and friendly. Small segments are labeled with breaks so the reader discerns the information without searching the entire guide. The chart is on the top of the page so when placed in a folder the information is readily visible.

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This work was presented to a panel in collaboration with fellow writers addressing issues of concern facing students. To showcase and unify our work, I designed and created a Prezi presentation, which I invite you to explore. It is inspired by the mysterious, underused, and misunderstood punctuation marks each of our guides address, and thus they are “The Usual Suspects” of grammar mistakes among writers.


Business Policies: Client Forms/Contracts

As staff writer for Uniquely Chic Vintage and Uniquely Chic Vintage Rentals, I draft, edit, and design business contracts, forms, and policies available to clientele on the company website and associated media, which I also manage and maintain. Clarity and ease of use are paramount to client understanding – and necessary to obtain detailed and reliable business contracts and customer transactions. All documents are cohesive in language and design, with branding consistent throughout.

The Rental Reservation Agreement is an example of the fillable PDF forms I compose and create using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC for UCV and UCVR. Available on this form is a link to UniquelyChicVintage.com, further detailing specific Rental Policies.

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The AS IS Purchase Waiver is an example of the PDF client contracts I compose and create using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC for UCV and UCVR. This form is available for download on the Custom Furniture Policies page of UniquelyChicVintage.com.

Please click on image to view entire contract.

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