Food for Thought: an Animated Video

In one of my upper level writing classes we had a choice for completing our final projects: we could either write a twenty-page paper or create a six-minute video – Naturally, I chose the video for the unique digital media opportunity.

We were free to select our own topics of interest so long as they involved rhetoric and writing in some way, so I chose to research an area often neglected, but no less important: the effect of food and drink in the writing process. My investigation was multi-faceted and involved fieldwork gathering survey information from fellow Writing & Rhetoric students, substantial scientific reading and research, as well as application of previously reviewed rhetorical theory and practice.

PowerPoint and Photoshop were the sole applications used in the development of graphics and the video itself, and it represents the most complicated animated project I have yet attempted. While the information is at times dense, I opted to translate it in a friendly and informal animated platform appealing to my peers and student writers.

In 2016, Food for Thought was a Writing & Rhetoric Digital Media contest winner at the University of Rhode Island.

Disciplinary Report

For this senior year assignment, I created a disciplinary report and accompanying presentation based on the role of rhetoric in study abroad outreach and advocacy. With a strong idea of my interests and skills based on my experiences and passions, I researched how a person with my talents and understanding would contribute to the field.

The report focuses on the types of rhetoric used by three major sectors of study abroad advocacy and outreach: Program Providers, Advocacy Organizations, and University Departments. Close attention is on the persuasive appeals of Pathos, Ethos, and Logos and their emphasis within certain sectors as they vary in importance and application, depending on the audience. Furthermore, the role of social media has become increasingly important in the field, and much of the report documents the growing need for writers and designers to organize and manage the content strategy of all communications and discourse representative of the sector.

This piece reflects my skill in addressing formal audiences and synthesizing relevant and credible information for analysis in forming conclusions; the thorough execution of research conducted for this assignment demonstrates my commitment to understanding, preparing for, and excelling in a chosen field.

Please view the attached LinkedIn SlideShare, which offers the condensed presentation I gave to my peers based on my report findings. Additionally, you may read, download, or print the entire Disciplinary Report PDF.

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